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Cleanroom Design and Construction


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The AdvanceTEC Difference

The AdvanceTEC Difference – Technology, Engineering and Construction. We understand your technology – and then we engineer and construct to enable it.  

AdvanceTEC Corporate Leadership Team

3D BIM modeling, engineering and design that delivers real value
• 3D Modeling of all projects for process and personnel flow, and maintenance access
• “Cleanroom IP” families built in-house to accelerate design, construction and time to market
• BIM Model to estimate tool technology captures bill of materials and drives procurement and schedule
• VR (virtual reality) enablement allows facility walk-down in the design review stage
• Models equipped to guide fabrication of duct, pipe and more to reduce cost, time and errors
• Construction experts in the field equipped with live models to QA/QC work in real time

Cloud-based project management platform provides the entire project team the full picture real time
• State-of-the-art, cloud-based PMS provides the client, suppliers and subcontractors complete, consistent information in real-time
• Full tracking and anytime access of schedule, drawings, submittals and meeting minutes
• Remote back-up project management and document control/access system affords disaster recovery
• Tablet enablement allows our delivery team to resolve issues promptly

Estimating from the inside out provides budgeting that you can rely on and solutions that work
• Sound estimates based on a comprehensive understanding of your cleanroom requirements – what you want to do and how you will do it
• Process equipment, process utilities, life-safety and code compliance brought to the forefront
• Established libraries of materials, systems, field productivities and experience

Clean build construction experience delivers proven clean build construction that fits your project
• Focused cleanroom industry experts lead clean build protocol training, management, and outcomes
• Starting with the end in mind – start clean, build clean, commissions clean, and ISO certify clean

Open market solutions ensure you get what you want, not what others want to sell you
• Independent and agnostic approach to suppliers and OEMs
• Requirements-driven selections based on price, performance and reliability
• Recommendations supported by technical, commercial and constructability details for informed, client-centric decision making

Ethical, old-school business approach serves as the foundation core of how we operate
• Treating clients, A/E firms, construction managers, general contractors, lab planners, consultants, subcontractors and others the way we want to be treated – with respect, honesty and integrity
• Clear communication enabled though technology, collaboration, and transparency
• Business built on the last job, measuring success by our repeat and referral business


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