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Celebrating 15 Years!

Fifteen years ago I decided to leave the big company bureaucracy and start AdvanceTEC. I was working for a large contractor that many of you reading this would recognize. I had grown tired of delivering clients projects where my project teams were rewarded based on increasing profits on the project, and not always for doing the right thing for the client or the project. To me, this profits above all approach was way too typical in the industry – and often meant charging clients for things they did not need, want, or in some cases charging them for something they were owed in the original scope.

I wanted something more…

I started AdvanceTEC with a simple vision, to be the best design/build cleanroom company in the business. This meant that we would engineer the best, design the best, and build the best – to schedule, to budget, and the best performance. No cutting corners, no excuses, no games. Just do what we say we are going to do. If we make a mistake – fix it. If we come up with a better approach that saves the client money – pass those savings on to them. It’s the Golden Rule: treat customers and employees how I would want to be treated.

Since the early days in an extra bedroom over the garage, we have worked with some of the best technology companies, universities, and government labs as repeat clients. Starting out we focused on semiconductor applications, and now serve nanotech, biotech, pharmaceutical, and a host of advanced technology applications. We have seen the advent of solar energy, smart phones, GPS devices, and revolutions in healthcare and material sciences that have brought greater health, convenience, efficiency, productivity, and overall quality of life to so many. I’m unbelievably proud when I think about AdvanceTEC’s role in enabling these technologies and helping the advancement of science to achieve this.

We have been fortunate at AdvanceTEC. Our people have been so loyal, so dedicated, and so hard working all along the way. It shows what a team of people can accomplish if everyone is committed to getting a little better each day. It shows how just focusing on taking care of the customer, one project at a time, delivers results.

Looking forward, the vision for AdvanceTEC is not grow, grow, and grow. The vision is to have happy repeat and referral clients, to provide a dynamic and engaging work environment for our employees, and to treating our suppliers and subcontractors with mutual respect. If we do our jobs well, and stick to these core values, the growth just seems to come along for the ride.

A special thank you to those who have been on this journey with us – our business partners, our impressive clients, our loyal employees, and trusted suppliers. You are all truly appreciated at AdvanceTEC. Happy 15 Years!

John Burton, Partner/Founder, Director of Engineering and Technology 14-Apr-2015

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