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It’s like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

So why am I talking about candy? And how is this in any way related to cleanrooms? It may be a bit of a stretch, but hang in there with me. Many of you remember the old ads – “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter – you got your peanut butter in my chocolate . . .” The result was two seemingly unrelated things coming together to make something even better (a delicious tasty treat). In a word – convergence.

As you know, AdvanceTEC works with clients across a variety of markets and applications: nanotech, semiconductor, biotech, pharmaceutical, emerging technologies . . . and the list goes on. While the tools and technologies we deploy have commonalities, oftentimes we see these markets and applications as relatively separate and discrete. Recent conversations with some of our leading clients, however, are changing that viewpoint.

More and more we are seeing a convergence in technology. The lines are blurring, and these previously unrelated areas are bumping into each other more and more – and the results are something even better.

I think back just a couple years ago to where we were in the biotech and pharmaceutical arena, and now to where we are at today. The change is awe inspiring. Remedies that were unimaginable just a few short years ago are now coming to market. The pace of development of lifesaving drugs has accelerated beyond what was recently thought possible.

It’s more than just the natural progression in these industries that’s driving this change. It’s also the convergence with the unrelate advancements in the nanotech, semiconductor and other industries we serve. Think about it. Emerging AI technology is accelerating new drug development. Advanced device technology and software is expanding computing power to enable faster and better research into new treatments and remedies. Convergence is driving something better . . . and at a rapid pace.

It makes it an exciting time to be at AdvanceTEC. We have the privilege of working with clients who are doing some pretty amazing things. As we enable this convergence and the ever-advancing pace of advancement, we know it is incumbent upon us to keep pace to support our clients – and we are doing just that!

Now, all this convergence is making me hungry . . . got milk?

Bryan Phelan
Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC

Bryan Phelan - Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC 13-Jun-2019

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