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Cleanroom Design

AdvanceTEC’s depth of in-house cleanroom engineering talent, advanced 3D BIM modeling packages and systems, and proven design expertise is the most complete in the industry, and continuously improving and expanding. We are not a small, undercapitalized regional firm who has must risk your project on external resources. We are a focused team of experts, with the tools, depth, and talent to take on your project. We move at a speed, cost, and competency that is reflective of the needs of your project and your success.


  • Focused on your product, your process requirements, and your objectives for your cleanroom - AdvanceTEC engineers, designs, and models solutions that address your needs
  • Driven to integrate your process, your personnel and product flows, industry compliance requirements into the foundation of your project
  • Proven deployment of the latest 3D platforms, the most advanced design to fabricate packages to confirm schedule, cost, and construction sequence upfront
  • Extensive experience in engineering and designing advanced HVAC mechanical, sophisticated electrical, ultra-high purity process piping solutions
  • Value engineered solutions to reduce capital cost, minimize energy consumption, and to create an improved life-cycle for your facility all reside within AdvanceTEC

AdvanceTEC’s expert team and cleanroom 3D BIM modeling has demonstrated success across a variety of projects, from turn-key design/build, to design-assist, to plans & specs. No matter your project approach, AdvanceTEC always bring value to the table.

Design and BIM Modeling Tools

AdvanceTEC’s cleanroom design team utilizes a broad range of leading-edge hardware and software tools and platforms, including advanced 3D BIM Modeling capabilities, deploying the technologies that best suit each of our clients to enhance the efficiency of the design and sequence of construction.

AdvanceTEC incorporates 3D BIM modeling as a core part of our operations, driving continued improvement in design, coordination, constructability, and then improved accessibility and serviceability for clients in operating their facilities. It also improves our ability to estimate, procure and manage projects.

Our BIM approach couples our cleanroom construction expertise with the latest advanced BIM modeling design capabilities. All of our BIM capabilities reside in-house, and all of our modeling is performed by our own design team made up of industry veterans in cleanroom engineering, design and construction. By leveraging the latest in technology with our in-house expertise, we deliver concrete results on projects – faster design, better designs, and fewer issues in the field.

Our hardware and software portfolio for BIM modeling is based on industry standards and client compatibility. Current platforms include Revit, NavisWorks, AutoCAD MEP, TSI (CADMech and CADDuct) and PDS.

Staff Capabilities

The greatest advantage to our clients is the real-world experience and field level knowledge that our cleanroom design team brings to your project. There is no substitute for an experienced team working on your project challenges. AdvanceTEC’s broad, in-house cleanroom engineering and design capabilities include: 

Mechanical/Electrical Architectural/Structural Process Utilities
  • ULPA, HEPA and abatement filtration
  • Cleanroom HVAC & controls
  • Process exhaust & scrubbers
  • Mechanical mezzanines
  • Environmental controls
  • Steam and hydronic boilers
  • Chillers and cooling towers
  • Cold rooms
  • Switch gear
  • Generators, transformers and distribution panels
  • UPS and power distributing
  • Lighting
  • Fire protection
  • Explosion-proof systems
  • Life safety
  • Open market modular walls, ceiling systems and door selections
  • Trace metals
  • Raised access flooring (RAF)
  • Chemical resistant flooring systems
  • Interstitial strut support systems
  • Modular system integration
  • Personnel and product flows
  • cGMP architectural envelopes
  • Walkable ceiling systems
  • Plenum modules
  • Casework
  • Vibration isolation
  • Modular prefabricated mezzanine
  • EMI shielding
  • Code analysis and life safety plans
  • Ultra-High Purity Spec Gases
  • Ultra-High Purity Water (UPW) systems
  • Acid Waste Neutralization (AWN) systems
  • Toxic Gas Monitoring (TGM) systems
  • Process Vacuum (PVAC)
  • WFI and lean steam 
  • Tool fit-up and hook-up
  • High purity piping systems
  • Gas cabinets 
  • Process exhaust systems
  • CDA systems
  • Bulk gas distribution
  • Bulk chemical distribution

To learn more about our cleanroom design capabilities, please click here.

Schedule Compression

AdvanceTEC’s integrated project deployment of engineering, design, procurement, and project & construction management resources improves time to completion. Project managers, assigned upon project award, drive project execution and ensure seamless coordination through all phases of design and construction. As a part of the design phase, our integrated project delivery process includes:

  • Construction estimates at the conceptual phase of a project
  • Code compliance and regulatory acceptance issues addressed upfront
  • Constructability reviews during design using 3D BIM modeling
  • Coordination of architectural, MEP and overall building integration
  • Procurement of long-lead items during design phase
  • Integrated project controls methodology to enable accurate construction costs estimates

Site Evaluation

As a part of the design process, AdvanceTEC can work closely with you to select the optimum site for your cleanroom facility. Drawing on our broad experience in cleanroom design and construction, we can assist with site evaluation and selection.

Turn-key cleanroom design/build construction, and process tool installation & integration

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