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Government Cleanrooms

AdvanceTEC is a leader in cleanroom design and cleanroom construction, with proven success completing projects for various branches of the U.S. federal government. We are proud of the important role we have played in working with government organizations, and are committed to doing what it takes to execute successful projects for government applications.


Our Approach

AdvanceTEC understands that performing cleanroom projects for government entities requires more than just understanding the technologies. It requires a unique approach, working as a part of a team with leading scientists and researchers, A/E firms, construction managers and general contractors. Our in house staff is experienced with designing and constructing new facilities, retrofitting cleanrooms into existing buildings, and renovation/expansion of current facilities.

Our Experience

AdvanceTEC has proven track record of designing and building government cleanrooms for a variety of applications.

  • Nanotech cleanrooms
  • Biotech cleanrooms
  • Nano/bio cleanrooms
  • Advanced technology laboratories

Our Clients and Projects

AdvanceTEC is proud of the government clients that we have served and the projects we have delivered. Below is a partial list of our leading clients; our complete project resume is available upon request.

Battelle Laboratories Brookhaven National Laboratories* Department of Energy (DOE)
Department of Defense (DOD) NASA* National Cancer Institute (NCI)
National Institute of Health (NIH) National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)* Naval Research Labs (NRL)
Northrop Grumman U.S. Army* U.S. Navy

*Multi-project client

To learn more about our complete project resume, please click here

Turn-key cleanroom design/build construction, and process tool installation & integration

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